oohhh shiny!

Yesterday my Loopy Ewe order came! I had ordered Stricken and Ornette and 2 skeins of Malabrigo Lace in the Cypress colourway.

And since it was my 6th order, I achieved Loopy Groupie status (I won’t spoil it for anyone else waiting to see what the surprises are). But I will say this, I am beginning to wonder about Latin American dyers. Malabrigo and Manos have amazing colours, but the last yarn I had to overdye (because I bought incredibly ugly yarn in a moment of temporary insanity) was styled after Mexico and the yarn I got with my loopy order is, well quite frankly, not something I’d ever do on purpose.

The individual colours are vibrant and lush, but they tend to muddy when they touch, to my mind look really bad together, and are completely not my colour palette (um… looking around my room, at my various wishlists, my stash, and at my knitting there is a distinctive jewel tone, dark blues and dark greens and dark purples thing going on, occasionally some brights but usually within their own colour family -as in some bright blues among other blues, some bright pink with other pinks and purples, vs. bright blue, bright pink and bright green together…) I also tend towards semi-solids or actual stripes/patterns rather than the wildly variegated, oh well… I’ll have to try and find a pattern to work with it (suggestions…)*, and there is always the overdye option. The yarn is nice and soft and looks to have decent yardage, I guess I just don’t appreciate the aesthetic of it.

Yesterday I managed to make it all the way into the late afternoon/early evening before I broke down wound up the malabrigo and then cast on my Cypress shawl (unimaginatively named for the colourway of yarn used), which is the round 1 pattern of Murdered by Lace.

I am loving the malabrigo, it is wonderful to work with and this colour is fantastic – black coloured with green and blue (all of my favourite things in one place!!) I’m already almost finished the first chart (which will bring me up to row 72). The charts are really good, though the written overview is a bit odd (probably because it is a translation) – and the pattern is turning out quite nice if I do say so myself.  [BTW- the woman who wrote the pattern is amazing, go look at her stuff and buy her patterns, even if the translation is a bit wonky, I asked her a question and she got back to me right away.]

Today the new Knit Pickscatalogue came… I’m trying very hard not to order more needles (I want another couple harmony dpn sets, particularly since I broke one of my 2.0mm ones, and a few more fixed circs, mostly for lace which I always seem to do on 3.0mm). The need to resist buying is the general theme of my knitting reflections of late, in particular since I’ve been seriously lusting after this scarf, next time I’m in a place with Noro… I think I’ll be doing some damage… (esp. since I kind of want to do a Noro stripped scarf too, might want to try the Silk Garden sock, and am thinking about getting some more Kureyon sock …) Good thing I’m going up to Orillia this weekend where I won’t be in charge of our movements so I can’t just go find a yarn store… I’ll just have to work on my shawl, and maybe cast on a pair of Noro socks for something mindless.

*Having checked about a bit on Ravelry, I think maybe a BSJ might be in order…


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