Sock Blockers aren’t just photographic aids. Up until this weekend, that is all I had used mine for – giving socks shape in pictures, then I dediced that the Carolinas needed to be blocked and wow! I have been so wrong. I fully appreaciate the wonder that is blocking lace, but really couldn’t be bothered to block much else, but now I understand the wonder that is blocking freshly knit socks (I will probably not go and block every pair after washing it, largely because of the disproportionate socks to blockers ratio), but freshly knit ones will now be getting this special treatment as a matter of course. [Guess, I’ll have to get a pair of large ones after all…]

I finished the Sweet Carolina Socks, and so – Specs
Pattern: Carolina
Designer: Monkey Toes
Yarn: Austermann Step

Colourway: 02 – Fjord (I think…)
Size: women’s 8
Yardage: half a ball, maybe a bit more
Needles: cuff in 2.0mm, body in 2.5mm dpn
Cast On: Nov. 13.08
Bound Off: Nov. 15.08

Notes: I think this is a great pattern for the stripping yarn, but I’m not really crazy about the raised purl row; if/when I do it again I think I’ll replace the purl row with a knit one.

The Pat’s sweater continues to come along slowly. I’m into the second set of increases on the sleeves. It feels like it is taking forever, but I realized this weekend that the sleeves are already over half knit (they are now over 11″ and the total length is supposed to be 22″), so that made me feel better, it should mean limited lenght left after the increasing is all done.

I’ve done a little more work on the MDAN shawl, I’m about halfway through, maybe a little beyond, the first chart, I’d like to be at least into the big mid-section (which begins after the first chart) by Christmas.


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