Going to Toronto, going to the Fair

Tuesday we took the kids on a field trip to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, held on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition (usually known as the CNE or the Ex – more often in my experience the Ex, strictly speaking the Ex is the late summer fair and midway, but since there are huge buildings there used all year for various things, the location is just as frequently refered to as ‘the Ex’ as the event is). Dad used to go annually as a kid, but none of the rest of us has ever been. I’ve been to agricultural fairs (most notably the Norfolk County Fair which we used to visit every Thanksgiving) and so had a general idea of what to expect. This was much more animal based than my previous fair experience and had lots more cows and sheep (and alpacas and turkeys and weird pigeons whose heads where hidden by strange fringe feathers…)

All of the major food groups were represented… pizza, candy, chocolate, deep fried sugar coated dough, and beef!

My little brother… who for some reason crawled into the tail-pipe of one of the cars on display

Isn’t he cute!!!

A insisted that she take a picture of me and a sheep

A necessity of fair-fare, the universe’s most perfect food – the elephant ear

We wandered the exhibt hall, participated in their Remembrance Day ceremony, then went and wandered among the animals. We saw some horse jumping competition (which was more interesting to me for the sitting down and knitting while watching than the horse jumping, which was about as exciting as listening to golf commentary on the radio – sorry to those who enjoy it, but clearly not my thing.) There was stash acquistion. I got 150g of laceweight alpaca-silk (natural coloured) and 121g of alpaca roving (also natural, but this time black and white) from Meadowview Alpaca Farm’sbooth. I think I ended up with about 723yds of the laceweight. There was other wool and fiber at the fair, but this seemed to be the nicest (and hello – mohair is nice, but ALPACA!!)

It’s 90% alpaca/ 10% silk and the alpaca’s name is Sunrise

I can’t wait to spin this

I have subsequently finished (yeah!) Anna’s Christmas socks – but now I’m worried they’ll be too small, I’m starting to think I should have used larger needles… well they should stretch… right..
Specs: Anna’s Red Ribbon Socks
Pattern: Eclipse Socks
Desinger: Julie Miller
Yarn: Austermann Royal
Colours: Red and Black
Yardage: Less than 1 ball of each
Needles: 2.0mm dpns
Cast On: Nov. 6.08
Bound Off: Nov. 13.08

Notes: I like the afterthought heel, but I think I make the foot too short when I do them, I’ll have to work on that. The duplicate stitching sucks, but looks cool – my sock was longer than the chart so I ad-libbed that last few rows.

I’ve got the Carolina cast on now, and I’m nearly finished the ribbing. These should hopefully move along quickly. Dad’s sweater is now into sleeves, I’m almost finished the first set of increases. They are looking good, but WHAT WAS I THINKING when I decided they should have the stripes?! I’ve got ten balls of yarn attached to the project right now, 5 or each sleeve it is crazy to knit with.

Amazingly I can knit with this mess…

I’m awaiting a Loopy Ewe order (some patterns and some malabrigo lace). One of the patterns may end up being mom’s Christmas socks, and the lace is probably going to become this – I’m thinking I may cast it on the second the yarn gets here (so in the meantime I really should get moving right?) Yesterday I just picked up the blanks for two belts I’m making for Christmas.
All I have to do is dye them (dark brown) and finish them, cut them to size and add the holes. I’ve had the buckles for awhile. My brother will be getting at least one, if not both – he’s been living in Texas for the last couple of years, which we like to tease him about, making these buckles perfect. And now, I’m having serious pattern/yarn lust for the Yarnissima ‘s kits La Digitessa and Zum Dirndl… now if only the dollar wasn’t tanking and I didn’t have to ship it halfway across the world… even the shipping wouldn’t be so bad if the dollar was more reasonable. I suppose currency flutuation is one of the ways the universe contributes to my stash management.

I just started up with Zip.ca, I realized I’m probably already spending that much a month or more at Blockbuster why not give it a try – my first three arrived the other day, I sent one back this morning and will probably be tossing another in the mail tonight or tomorrow morning, we’ll see how fast the turn around really is, staggering them is going to be a bit of a problem with my finishing up just before the weekend, but we shall see.


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