Socks: the Perfect Gift

umm… that can’t be right. Aren’t socks the disappointment of every child’s Christmas stocking, ranking right up there with underware and a new tooth-brush?

Well, maybe … or maybe just white tube socks…

But apparently that isn’t stopping me. I give you 1 (and a half) pairs of gifts socks and plans for others.

Lindz’s Birthday Socks – Specs
Pattern: Go Gryffindor!
Designer: Lykkefanten
Yarn: Austermann Royal
Colour: Red/Burgundy and Yellow
Yardage: 1.5 balls of Red, maybe .5 of Yellow

Needles: 2mm dpns
Cast On: Nov. 2.08
Bound Off: Nov. 6.08
Notes: Arrggh!! I HATE duplicate stitching, but it looks really cool and I’m getting fairly good at it too. Great pattern, lots of fun and it gets me to pratice heel flaps. The colours are better in the pictures from the last post, today is overcast… too bad.

Half a pair- the first of A’s Christmas socks. I knit the sock with waste yarn for the after-thought heel, then did the duplicate stitch of the ribbon (see note above) [now that I look at it I think I might have done the chart upside down…] I knit the heel this morning and then cast on the second one, it should be finished in a week or so, thankfully the second sock doesn’t have any duplicate stitching, once it is knit it is done! Same problem with the colour, but I should have better light at some point once the other one is done.

I got all excited by the news about Cookie’s book (you did know about that right?!) and ordered a couple more of her patterns. Now I love them, well the look of them as I haven’t made any of them, and I realized one of the reasons is most of my sock yarn and certainly most of what I knit with is varigated or self-striping which would be too busy for the intricate patterns. Then I realized a couple more things:
1. I have a few skeins of gems, some egg-plant and also some undyed I could do up specially for Cookie socks and
2. I have 6 pairs of socks worth of kettle dyed Essentials in my box o’stuff for Christmas and there is no (good) reason I shouldn’t use these to knit Cookie socks.
All of which means – I have more than enough yarn to knit all the patterns I already have and the ones I just ordered (and probably a couple more).

But this brings me to another problem, one that is especially relevant with the Noro, but which is also applicable to the Austermann Step (of which I have lots) – what patterns are really good for stripes? Jaywalkers are an option, but the pattern didn’t really capture me when I knit it up (though that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try it again), and the RPM worked really well for my first Noro socks, but I’d like to try something else. I’m going to make a pair of Carolina in Austermann Step, and see how that works. But I’d love to take recommendations.


2 thoughts on “Socks: the Perfect Gift

  1. I have the same problem with striped or busy sock yarn. Charade is a good pattern, and I’ve decided to just adapt a bunch of the ribbing stitches from Barbara Walker so that I don’t lose my mind in endless stockinette. Good luck!

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