Obsess much?

Why yes, now if only I could obsess more about my thesis…

The first of Lindz’ birthday socks is done.

Somehow I always manage to mis-count somewhere in the duplicate stitching (you’d think I could manage up to 6…) and so things don’t exactly match the charts and since it would be way too cool if I could mess up in exatly the same way on the second sock I’m sure it will be different from both chart and sock 1. Oh well, such is life.

The second one is cast on, and will hopefully not be finished before the weekend (meaning, I hope I get lots of school work done rather than knit the sock), though before next Wednesday would be nice (as I could turn it over to its rightful owner at that point).

Having one of those days, where eveything needs doing – room needs cleaning, thesis wants attention, random banking should be done, and there is much sorting, putting away, and organizing that would be a good idea – and I just can’t seem to get to any of it… oh well.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to OE I go…


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