I Prefer “Differently Productive”

to procrastination, it sounds so much better.  And is really particularly accurate, especially at this time of year.

Yesterday I started a pair of Beer Gloves (from Son of Stitch n’ Bitch), and I have already finished the first and am well into the second. My current plan is to knit them and then dye the finished obejcts, because I couldn’t decide what colour to get, or because I wanted to ply with dyes… well, really I don’t know why I bought undyed yarn for this project… maybe I thought that it would make leftovers easier to accomodate in future projects. The pattern is quite good, though it appears to have a couple of errors (anyone know where to find errata for the book?!).
1. The cable chart gives instructions for 8 rounds, and then tells you to repeat rounds 1-12 for cable pattern. I assumed it should have said 1-8 and therefore repeated rounds 1-8 for the pattern.
2. The thumb, pinky, index, and middle finger are all bound off using an invisible bind off (I used the kitchener stitch bind off, because that was the only ‘invisible’ one I could think of, I really don’t like it but, oh well, I’ll live) – but the instructions say to bind off the ring finger in pattern?!!? Why would I bind off one finger differently from all the rest?! (I used the invisible one, because after all that work why would I skip one – if I was going to do that why not do them all that way?!)

They look a little (okay, a lot) odd without a hand in them, but they fit my dad just fine

I still haven’t finished Sheldon, but I am done knitting the shells I intend to make, I just have to I-cord them together, which I don’t like doing, which is -naturally- why it isn’t done yet.

Why yes, I did fudge the front because I forgot all about the chart while I was knitting, wanna make something of it?!

Just the other day I decided it was time to set up the next spinning project and settled on the Black Purl combed top, which I had hoped to Navajo ply into a sock yarn. I’m still thinking a sock yarn with it, but maybe not Navajo plying. I tried a little sample – isn’t it cute?

Only problem – my singles don’t appear to be robust enough. The motion of Navajo plying is really cool, but when the single breaks trying to put it all back together was enough to make me want to cry. So for now, I’m going to stick to regular plying.

Speaking of wanting to cry – look what happened!
That would be a split seam in the under-arm of my cable car coat
Now I have to try to dig up the left over of this yarn (please God I still have some…) and re-seam the under-arm (the other one is also starting to come undone). I hate seaming once, let alone twice. But on the upside- at least it is getting worn.

I am having one of those crises of motivation, I have work to do and I am doing it, but very s.l.o.w.l.y, I would much rather be working on the gloves, or Dad’s sweater, or the MDAN shawl (which is sadly neglected) or casting on another project (I’ve a couple of shawls I want to do and those leggings) and then this came in the mail


and now I want to stock up on worsted weight (which I have relatively little of) and knit lace blankets, particularly the Balmoral [in the picture] and the Rose of England.


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