FO: Streaks of Midnight

I have a new shawl – wanna see?

The centre back tip

Name: Streaks of Midnight
Pattern: Diamond Fantasy
Designer: Sivia Harding
Source: Ravelry Store

Yarn: Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino
Colourway: Midnight
Yardage: nearly 2 full skeins
Source: the Loopy Ewe
Neeldes: 3.25mm fixed circ

Cast-on: Oct. 19.08
Bound-off: Oct. 26.08
Blocked: Oct. 28.08
Finished Dimensions: 72″ long side, 38″ centre back

Notes: Great pattern, love the I-cord bind-off (didn’t at the time of binding off, but do now), I heart blocking! It is a good size and promises to be fairly warm too.
NTS- next time order both skeins at the same time, the difference in colourway is noticable (hence streaks in the name) but not horrible.


2 thoughts on “FO: Streaks of Midnight

  1. That looks friggin awesome. I love the colours, they’re dark and kind of shimmery.

    Get on those lace blankets!! That one on the cover of your book is mindblowing.

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