Arabian Knights 0.5 – Blocked

Last night I stayed up (watching movies – Red Dragon – quite good, love Norton) until I finished the first half of the MDAN shawl.

Now it is blocking. It is actually probably a good thing I chose to block this half on its own – it already takes up most of the bed it would have been a serious pain to have had to block the whole thing together.

Specs: Arabian Knight 0.5
Pattern: Morrocan Days /Arabian Nights
By: Susan Pandorf
Yarn: Colrain Lace
Colour: Ocean Blue
From: Webs
Yardage: less than a full cone (1400yds), but well over half of one
Beads: clear with silver foil
From: Bead FX
Time: started March 17/08, finished Oct 16/08

Mistakes: Well, I didn’t read that I wasn’t supposed to do the border sts on the last two rows – so there is that, and I somehow managed to totally screw up the first couple of border charts one in particular so there is a hole where there shouldn’t be – but it is at the lower edge so hopefully it won’t get noticed … I suppose I could close it up later if I really wanted to.
Notes: LOVE THIS PATTERN. The copy I have is mistake free, the charts while overwhelming at first are really well done and easy to follow (my recommendation – use lots of st markers -even more than the pattern calls for). The beads make it slow going (esp sliding them around – I’ll do things a bit differently for the second half), but they are a really nice touch.

No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the beads to show up very well… oh well…

The Bitter Green is now dry and skeined, the skeins ened up weighing 45gr and 48gr respectively.

This is what 1200+yds of handspun lace looks like… apparently…


One thought on “Arabian Knights 0.5 – Blocked

  1. *claps*

    Wow, man. That is serious lace work right there. Both knitting and spinning. I can’t believe it’s already that size and you’re only half way there!

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