I plied and plied

and then suddenly… it was done.

I have finally finished spinning and plying so here are the specs –
Bitter Green
Fiber: 100% merino
Colour: Hand-dyed shades of green and blue-green
Amount: 4oz of fiber
From: a ravelry destash
Yield: 2 nearly full bobbins
Spun as: lace weight 2 ply on the highest ratio on my Minstrel
Yardage: not yet calculated… stay tuned

The colours are actually closer to the real thing in the second picture (the one with the flash)

Also – I have Sheldon Pics.

I have yet to do his eyes… partially because I don’t want to do embroidered ones, but since it is for a 1yr old I have to

Shell, which was both fun and very fiddly and you can’t see the i-cord around the edge, which was the worst part.

Oh, and that sock

I like short row heels… wanna make something of it?!

Last night I made more progress on the MDAN shawl, I now have only 10 rows left of this last chart and then the first half will be done! (The finished shawl is going to be massive!)


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