Bitter Green Specs Update

Soo… the yarn is now skeined (on my handy but ever so s.l.o.w. niddy noddy), soaked (in SOAK no less), set (with much smashing against my shower wall) and now hangs in my shower in an attempt to dry (but as it is now chilly here this will likely take days).

I ended up with two skeins:

Skein 1
Weight: 37 gr on the scale on the bobbin, but with the tare of an empty one… I’ll reweigh it once it is dry
WPI: ooops I always forget that… it is about the same as the second one though
Yardage: 612yds (again if my calculations are correct… it goes like this: 459 wraps of my 48″ niddy noddy, which gives 22,032 inches /12 = 1836 ft /3 = 612 yds… right?)

Skein 2
Weight: 41gr (same deal as above)
WPI: 37
Yardage: 653yds (490 wraps * 48 = 23,520 inches /12 = 1960 ft /3 = 653.333…)

The original is much greener but alas light etc will not co-operate to reveal this


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