Has it really been 2 months already…

So, yeah – bad blogger, no cookie.

The knitting has been suffering from neglect (as has the spinning) but the sewing machine has had a strenuous workout.

I’ve made:
* 2 dresses for me, same style (1812, scoop neck, empire waist) but one is pink with white sleeves while the other is dark blue in front with green/blue plaid sleeves, waist band and the same fabric is the back of the skirts
This is a very unattractive picture of me in the blue one
*one bodice petticoat
*1 dress for someone else – same idea as my blue one but in black and a white with black/grey stripes

Here is S. in the one I made for her – a dress we fondly refer to as the 12hr drunken dress, because … well… we made it in about 12hrs while drinking…
*3 cloaks (2 the same – in rifle green melton with burgunday brocade lined hoods, one for myself and one for S.; the other a man’s caped watch cloak in black melton for M.)
– I’m sure there is something else I’m forgetting…

My knitting should pick up a bit since my supplies for Christmas knitting arrived yesterday.
*1 pair of fingerless mitts (which is now about 45% finished)
*1 toy turtle with dress up clothes
*several pairs of socks – which I’m actually planning on giving away as IOUs

I’m to the last chart of the first half of the MDAK shawl – which I’m currently expecting to present half done. And I’m nearly to the arm holes of the front of the Pat’s Sweater.

Here is the detail of the top of the back

This past weekend was the final event of the re-enactment season (well of my season – the official end is next weekend). We were at Fanshawe Pioneer Village in London (the first site I’ve stayed at with a semi working gallows… it is not furinshed with rope, but the trap door works when there is no one standing on it… or maybe if a small child stood on it… ). As per usual we lost – NTS got to go to an event in the States sometime…. but much fun was had by all. The weather was chilly, but it didn’t rain (a first for me). Now that the season has ended the sewing season starts up for next year. This winter I need to make:
*a sack back gown
*an 18th c. jacket
*probably another pair of stays
*I’m also thinking of knitting up a pair of leggings from EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac (probably in Bare Merino) they would be useful at the very least at the very beginning and end of the season, particularly for evenings.


2 thoughts on “Has it really been 2 months already…

  1. Okay now I feel less bad about being a month behind on my updating!! Nice to see your post. I can’t believe all that awesome sewing going on there. But it’s probably given you a good break before you’re overwhelmed with Christmas knitting too. Looking forward to seeing all the gifties.

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