In the Navy

So this past weekend was School of the Sailor, an event relating to historical navy sponsored by our navy as lead up to their centenary in 2010. It appears to have been an annual event for the last few years at least and will continue at least until 2010.  This year was at Discovery Habour.

The period under consideration was actually prior (by almost 100 years) to the formation of our navy as it was all 1812. (As will be this coming weekend which is concerned with the War of 1812 and the sinking of the Nancy.) On the Saturday, I went out on the water as part of one of the boats crews, I wore one of N.’s shirts (which I spilt mustard on at lunch… oy vey) and a pair of white canvas pants which were not designed to fit me in the least, but which were not too bad once I’d been wearing them a while. I learned to row (sort of…), various things one does with an oar (feathering, boating, tossing- and I have bruises from tossing). I also got to work the gun! It was a small canon on a swivel – but it was loud! (I also sat on the sponge and got powder all over the butt of my pants. On the up side Spray and Wash has this product with two bottles one white one pink which does a great job getting powder out of white pants…) Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have no pictures any of this.

Instead, Sunday pictures:

S. Sleeping… in the sweater I made her.

L. smiling in a most awesome hat!

The Alliance heading into the dock- this was the boat I was on on Saturday, but we didn’t have her rigged to sail.

P., V. and L. with the Bee in the background

Here is the dress I was working on last week. Please ignore the shoes, I was wearing the back rounded toe ones the day before, but they shredded my heels so I had to go with these for Sunday. I’m standing in front of the Tecumseth.

Much fun was had. Many earwigs and mosquitos were squished. And my laundry is pretty much done now so I can do it all again this weekend.


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