Call Me Kate the Great

With mom away I get to run the house. This morning by 10AM, I had planned the menu for the week, sorted all the laundry, tidied up the freezer, and was at the grocery store (note to self – it opens at 8AM could have saved time if I’d known that).

By 1ish… I had:
*done the grocery shopping (and put it all away)
*marinated the chicken for later in the week
*made chili for today
*made and frozen lasagna for later in the week
*made and frozen ham and scalloped potatoes for later in the week

Then I cleaned the kitchen (yech), did more laundry, and ate my own lunch.

This after noon saw me attempt to use the pattern from L. to make the 1812 dress I need for the next couple of weekends. No such luck, I believe she credits me with being thinner than I am. My narrow back (thanks to having no shoulders), means that the back pieces aren’t too bad, but the arm-holes are too small and it might as well not even have a front for all the coverage it gives. *sigh* Tonight I’m going to try making the body about 2cm longer (to open up the arm holes and make sure the waist sits at my waist and not across my chest) and extend the front so that it looks like a dress bodice. I’m going to need to make a run out to try to find: ballet flats in an appropriate colour, white stockings, and white/nude slip shorts. Apparently at least some of my clothes from last time will work (score) and since there is a sailing component I might get to run around dressed like a ‘boy’ (hahaha see note about chest fit problem, not likely to pass for a boy in this lifetime) and learn the rudiments of sailing!!

This afternoon I got in some more spinning, the white bamboo continues to be… the same.

And, last but not least: I got my first Loop order in the mail!!! *insert happy dance* I got 1oz of ice-sparkle glitz; 3oz of Platinum Print 100% bamboo batt; and 3oz of Mint Chocolate Chip 100% bamboo batt. It also came with a wee satchel of lovely smelling stuff (don’t ask me what – little seedy things…). The bamboo is so incredibly soft. I can’t wait to spin it up. I’m not sure how I want to do it, in terms of the colours. But I do want to make it laceweight, possibly I’ll do a swirly single…

Platinum Print

Mint Chocolate Chip


4 thoughts on “Call Me Kate the Great

  1. I wish I liked cooking enough to make a few meals like that. My family might like me better.

    But I like doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen though, so wanna trade chores? πŸ˜€

  2. Oh Em Gee, I love that mint chocolate chip roving. Love love love.

    And despite evidence to the contrary, I love to cook. Wanna send your lasagna recipe my way, or is it a huge family secret? If you do indeed send it along, there just might be a can of old Tika family recipe marinara sauce made with tomatoes and peppers from my mom’s garden in it for you. We’re picking toms in early August, so you’ve got some mulling time. πŸ˜€

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