There is too much, let me sum up

1. Spent last week (last Saturday to today) at a cottage up in the Muskokas.  The cottage was lovely, the lake was lovely, but I am so incredibly not a lake person.  Give me a swimming pool (heated) (not to mention my internet address- I will never catch up) and keep the bugs.  I did, however, get a lot of work done on my MDAN shawl.  I’m now less than 30 rows from the beginning of the centre panel.

See how much longer than last time?

This is the long -20 repeat long- mid section.

2. I finished the first Austermann Spring sock and am part way down the leg of the second.
Yarn: Austermann Step
Colour Way: Brombeer
Pattern: Spring Forward

3. There was major a S(tash) E(nhancing) eX(perience) waiting for me.

3a. My drive bands (both hemp and stretchy) and 2 additional bobbins from Gemini Fibers.

I got the walnut, with the quieter plastic centres.

3b. Two rovings from C.J. Kopek. They are Cowgirl Chic and Cottage Rose. Both are warmer than I expected (what looked to me like greys and blues are in fact browns), but they are stunning anyway! And sooo soft. The Cowgirl Chic is 100% merino, and the Cottage Rose is merino, bfl, and silk. The two colour ways look really good together and I’m now wondering if I mightn’t be able to use them together, though I’ll probably spin them up separately.

Cottage Rose

Cowgirl Chic

3c. My Loopy Ewe order!! First off, ten million thanks to Stephanie – I won her blog prize, a Loopy Ewe gift certificate, and if not for that I probably wouldn’t have placed this order. It consisted of Green Tea handsoap (smells wonderful and feels great), the Icarus Shawl pattern, and 10oz of combed fiber… Lorna’s Laces… in Black Purl! I wanted Black Purl yarn, but somehow managed to miss out on it, so this is extra squeeful for me. I’m planning on spinning it as one single and then navajo plying it, but we’ll see once I sit down to it.

The package was sealed, so I didn’t open it… sorry about the glare

3d. The new Knit Picks catalogue, which has books for sale in it… *step away from the website and no one gets hurt*

4. Tour de Fleece has started, I did get some done on the first day of the tour (before we left for the cottage). Today some more. I’m using the bamboo I ordered in the spring. The jury is out on how I feel about bamboo – it is a bit crunchy like the ingeo, but it is much better than the ingeo. I am getting a fine thread, but …. it feels a bit weird… Anyway, I am going to stick with it and we’ll see where it goes.

5. My grandfather, mom’s dad, has been in the hospital – apparently he had several small strokes, physically he appears fine, but he’s been really out of it mentally. He has improved, but is still in hospital and we’ll be going to see him tomorrow. At this point there doesn’t seem to be any danger, at least anymore, but mom is going to stay with grandma for part of this week – which means… I probably won’t be getting any work done this week either *sigh*

6. My sister is finished the second language portion of her summer training and is now into the office training component. She met my best friend’s husband’s best friend… (he was the best man in their wedding last summer, when I was the maid of honour) this week, apparently they are both watching for fires…


3 thoughts on “There is too much, let me sum up

  1. Lorna’s Laces has a roving component now too huh? Neat, and Black Purl is an awesome colorway. And geez, you have another really nice looking Spring Forward sock! I thought it wouldn’t attract me at all when I first saw the pattern. Now I just need to find some sock yarn for meee.

  2. I rather agree with you about lake life. I enjoy hiking but swimming and boating on the lake aren’t for me. Nonetheless, we go to a lakeside cottage every summer,too, and I’m hoping to get plenty of knitting done, like you. Your shawl is very beautiful and I like the way that sock yarn patterned, too. Very exciting packages. I got the one with two Kromski bobbins from Gemini, too! I do find the plastic cores are much quieter; no annoying rattling now.
    Sorry to hear about your grandfather; I hope he returns to good health.

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