Hencircle Project #1

The first assignment for the new Plurkette Hencircle is to introduce yourself… sure give me a hard one!

I’m 26, chronically single, a PhD candidate specializing in north germanic medieval vernacular literature dissertating on images of woman within said literature, the oldest of 7 kids, homeschool graduate, knitter, spinner, dvd collector. I have been known to play around with dyes and leather and have a few impressive cakes in my portfolio. I’m a suburbanite from the greater Toronto area. My farm experiece is through my mother’s family for the most part, where there are a substantial number of dairy farmers. I’ve sewn for years, though less since I got into knitting in a serious way about 5 years ago. I recently bought a spinning wheel and it competes with knitting for my time and affection.

My list of things I’d like to try are: keeping a plant that doesn’t die or turn red (long story involving the aloe vera plant I kept during my undergrad); making soap; and I have wild ideas of planting some flax and spinning linen from it.

I’ve been going through everyone else’s introductions and keep finding other things I’d love try (what an amazing group of creative women!) I find my creative outlets grounding as a grad student, no one ever asks ‘what are you going to do with that’ when you show them a cheesecake, sock, or sweater.

Canada Flag Cupcakes
No one is confused with what to do with these…


3 thoughts on “Hencircle Project #1

  1. “No one ever asks ‘what are you going to do with that’ when you show them a cheesecake, sock, or sweater”

    No I guess not. They just want you to make one for them. hehe

  2. Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed reading your intro – nasty bruise that!!

    The secret to good flavoured soup is good stock – I’ll post recipes via hencircle – perhaps you could try one and see if it has flavour.


  3. “north germanic medieval vernacular literature”… apparently my brain is off because while I zeroed in on the “germanic” part, I really don’t get what it is you’re studying. But that’s a-okay. I just finished my first year of college so I’ll get there. But anyway! Germanic! Oooh! I’m 95% certain I want to be a German major, and as my English professor last semester added, I should probably also study German literature, except I’m not entirely certain there’d be a lot of opportunity for that. Um, lots of rambling. What I meant was, I really really love finding out that there are other people in the knit-blog-sphere interested in German stuff. =D

    Also, delicious-looking cupcakes.

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