Cupcakes, Patriots, and Bruises

It is now July 3rd and the Canada Parties are over.

On the 30th we hosted a semi-formal one here, which was a great success. The bar and the ‘dance floor’ (aka. that space in the basement in front of the tv) had a great work out, the patio was enjoyed, and my cupcake Canada flag cake (with sparklers) was a huge hit. 

This is the cupcake cake from the previous post.

On Canada Day we went to an annual party at a friend’s family farm. Where there was music, bbq, and lots of old friends and acquantances to reconnect with. Including one who brought a bow and target and started to teach me to shoot (NTS- need longer arm guard).

This led to…


Yesterday was spent watching the homestead, as mom and dad were off with grandma and grandpa (mom’s parents) as late on Tuesday grandpa was taken to hospital (he’s recovering, from what the doctors don’t seem to know – the whole thing has sounded a little too much like an episode of House to be real… and it’s not lupus.)

I’ve got the first 8 or 9 inches of dad’s Patriot’s sweater done and the colours are working out nicely (I even lucked into a set up that makes the patterns (ribbing and chevrons) match up!

Today, I’m baking a cake for tomorrow (when we are having a small Declaration of Independece party for a friend who will soon be leaving Canada where he’s been studying and working for the last several years to study abroad) – I’m going to use the ribbon pan (which I mentioned a few months ago) and ice it all fancy like.

Saturday, we leave for our family vacation- a week at a cottage. It will be nice to get away, though I’ll have my laptop with me and hope to do some writing. I will be without internet access (no ravelry, no blogs, no plurk!!!)


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes, Patriots, and Bruises

  1. Your poor arm! At least it’s not an area which affects knitting, spinning (or thesis writing), I guess. The sweater looks great and you’re making great progress on it. I’m making a cabled sweater for my husband, but mine is progressing rather more slowly (those multiple projects don’t help).
    Hope you have a fun vacation—you don’t mean you intend to work on your dissertation on vacation, do you???!!! How is it going anyway?

  2. Ouch.

    I used to teach archery at summer camp and there are techniques that prevent that injury– And longer arm guards would work too.

    Ice it. It looks so sore….

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