Sox and Pats

I have finished another pair of socks!  My Noro Kueryon Sock RPMs came off the needles today (yeah!), it is however, far to warm to put them on my feet – but they look great on the sock blockers.  I still have between 1/4 and 1/3 of the ball left.  Overall I was really pleased with both the pattern and the yarn.  The yarn is Noro, which means it is thick and thin, very ‘sheepy,’ and prone to knots (though, thankfully, I didn’t have a problem with any in what I used for my socks), but the colours are great and it is an nice little sock yarn.  I probably won’t make it my go to sock yarn, but I won’t rule out using it again.

And they even match!  I am so proud! *sniff*

This morning there were errands being run downtown, so I made my way out the the Purple Purl to pick up yarn for Dad’s Patriots sweater (which doesn’t count for anything since he is paying for it!) I now have 16 balls of Galway (2 white, 4 red, 5 blue, 5 grey) which (PLEASE God) should be enough. Tonight I’ll start swatching (I need to do some mathy type stuff to figure out where my colours are going to go) and I should be able to start knitting it soon (I would decide to do a man’s sweater in 100% wool in July…), which will be a good thing, since he wants to have it to wear during the football season.

While I was there I sat and ate a smore square (yummmmmmm), knit and chatted for awhile, and worked on my sock. (Oh, I also scored another of their fantastic purple reusable shopping bags!) Have I mentioned the PP rocks? (Oh, and I paid hommage to Glenna‘s Glowing, which was keeping one of the chairs warm).

This week has seen decent progress on the MDAN shawl (I’m now at row 70 of 200 of chart F). I also cast on a pair of Spring Forward using some of the Austermann Step from the stash. And I started to Plurk… do you plurk?


One thought on “Sox and Pats

  1. Nice RPMs! I am going to keep that pattern on the radar. Except I am afeared now that I’ve started the stripes, I will only be able to do stripes from now on….

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