Just Keep Spinning

My week is almost over, and I’m actually a bit disappointed.  I rather liked having cooking, cleaning, and laundry as my serious objectives (I’m dreading having to go back to my thesis…)

On the fiber front, this week was really quite productive. I finished all of the Barber Pole Blues, and the Purple Haze, I have prepped all of my bamboo for the Tour de Fleece, started spinning the green merino, and I finished chart A of the MDAN shawl and am now making decent progress on the next section (NTS- purl rows are really really good). Not to mention I’ve learned to spin laceweight!!!

Friday… or was it Saturday… I slipped while browsing etsy and bought Mint Chocolate Chip, Platinum Print, and some Ice Sparkle glitz from loop. I foresee some bamboo laceweight with a bit of sparkle…

Like I mentioned above. MDAN is progressing, thanks to a trip to Blockbuster (more on that below). I finished chart A and the first two of 20 repeats of chart F. The bulk of this now has almost purely purl reverse side which is making for a much faster knit.

See my lovely life-lines… I can-it seems-be taught

I also started spinning up the green merino I got earlier in the week, this is turning out a lovely thin single, with the aim of becoming a lovely lace weight two ply (obsessed me…!!? never!)

Blockbuster meant movies, which I normally don’t go too much into here, but… Black Sheep. What knitter/spinner isn’t going to insist on seeing a movie whose tagline is: “There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand… And they’re pissed off!” It is hilarious, the best zombie/zombie spoof since Shaun of the Dead. The effects (gore and prosthetics) were by WETA so those are top notch. Not scary* at all, how can a weresheep be scary?! Very well done all around and really really funny – if you liked Shaun of the Dead, or Dead and Breakfast (or anything else in that vein) you’ll probably enjoy Black Sheep too.

*Disclaimer: I didn’t think Psycho (which I also watched this week), the Ring, or the Exorcist were scary either, so maybe I’m not the best judge… 

In other news – I have officially completed the requirements of the Province of Ontario’s graduated licensing system and now have my full G class license.


3 thoughts on “Just Keep Spinning

  1. Well… I must be a total wimp, because all those movies scare me.

    I chalk it up to watching “IT” with my brother at 8 years old.

    I hate clowns.

  2. Having cooking, cleaning, and laundry as the serious objectives for a short amount of time really isn’t all that bad. Well, if you take away the cooking. (I really hate cooking.) I think it’s relaxing to only need to take care of your basic needs for a while. Get away from stress. Still, good luck on getting back to work on your thesis!

    That looks like a complicated shawl, but such a deep blue color. Preeeetty.

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