Socks ate my brain…

Yesterday I woke up with an idea for a pair of socks, I spent most of the rest of the day… writing a sock pattern, swatching (*gasp* yes I swatched and even washed and blocked the swatch), and working on test knitting. The plan is to publish it in some format, either try submitting it to one of the online venues or possibly Sock Maddness 3, we’ll see. Watch me and my mad excel graphics.

(See the socks… hiding behind the ball of yarn … in the radial blurred photo….)

Today I went back to Georgetown Yarn and Crafts. I was hoping she had the yarn for Dad’s sweater. (Did I mention Dad wants a sweater… *goes and checks* nope I didn’t). Dad wants a Patriots sweater for next football season. So I’m going to modify the Hero Pullover (see graphic) to Patriots colours. I was thinking of using Galway, or maybe Mission Falls 1824, or Cascade 220 or maybe Cascade 220 Superwash… but she didn’t have any of these. Thoughts on any of these (the pattern calls for Torino)? These all have good colour ranges, and I need a dark blue, a bright red, a silver, and a white.  [FYI – the picture on the pattern itself makes the sweater look sooo much hotter than the picture on Ravelry… (might have something to do with the fact the model looks a little bit like Jamie Bamber… that and the grey yarn makes the pattern pop more).]

(The grey-blue at the bottom was a layer that was supposed to be hidden… I decided that doing the ribbing blue looked LAME but didn’t delete the layer…)

Though I didn’t find what I was looking for, I did pick up another couple of ‘base yarn’ skeins of Louet Gems fingering and a skein of Trekking, both on sale, and I’ve never tried Trekking before. Also some cotton for making a market type bag (I’m actually going to try this pattern). When I was photographing I realized I could probably have used the wash-cloth cotton I have in my stash… oh well, guess I can knit a few…

That brings the count to 4 new skeins of base yarn… [or two new pairs of socks…]

Socks… are good… right… (okay so I felt like I *ought* to buy something…)

It will make a nice bag… cuz everyone needs more bags!

Other news…
1. Any knitters going to the Stitch and Pitch in Toronto on August 5? Anyone want to meet up? I was thinking of going, but would rather have someone to go with as I don’t really actually like baseball… Tickets are $20 and apparently there are goodie bags… (I like goodie bags, especially knitting ones…).

2. Walking to the knitting store from the salon (approx. 3k round trip) in new shoes was not such a great idea.

3. I had a three, but I can’t remember what it was…

4. Same as number 1.

5. There is no 5.

6. Anyone know which lace stitchonary had a fleur de lys pattern in it? I know I saw one, but can’t remember since I looked at 8 or so of them at the same time…  (I know it isn’t the harmony guide as I checked that today…)

7. I remember what 3 was supposed to be… Tour de Fleece.  I’m gonna join!! Cuz that’s what I do, join stuff…  spinning from the stash, the bamboo – aiming for a lace weight.


4 thoughts on “Socks ate my brain…

  1. Noooo! I’m resisting the Tour de Fleece. Then again, it would dovetail nicely with my Knitting Olympics challenge, wouldn’t it? Spin the yarn during TdF, then knit during the KO. Sigh. Why must I be such a joiner?

    I am loving that cotton yarn. It’s so bright and cheerful!

  2. That trekking is niiiiice! Have no fear with the socks.

    I was considering the baseball but may be leaning towards ‘no’. It’s the same deal – I don’t really like baseball 😉

  3. Tour de Fleece huh? Maybe I’ll join. I really love spinning and I need to get better but I will be camping most of the first weekend so I’m afraid of dirt getting into my pretty rovings but maybe I could do!

    Thanks for the heads up!

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