Finished – My Such a Slytherin socks are now done! They fit great, despite the need to make various alterations because I am gauge challenged.

The specs are all in the other post. I still have a goodly amount of the sage leftover (that is from the leftover of three skeins I made a pair of Hedera out of last fall…) and most of two balls of the silver, maybe I could do an inverted pair… not sure I have quite that much green… (This is pair 4 in what was supposed to be my 14 pair challenge…. maybe I should add a penatly pair… or something…)

I also started a pair of RPM with the Noro Kueryon Sock I got at the Purple Purl. They are moving along nicely (I’ve been working on them while reading.)

On Wednesday Glenna and I drove up (well, I drove and Glenna was with me…) to Gemini Fibers. I was very very good. I picked up a WIP tool, a few undyed silk hankies (ie. 1 package), and Margaret Stove’s book on designing lace (yes!!!). Then we came back this way and made it to Georgetown for 11AM and lunch. We decided to go see if we could find the local LYS. We were a few blocks away as it turned out and so we popped into Georgetwon Yarn & Crafts. It is a nice shop with four ‘rooms’ basically divided by weight of yarn though not entirely. They are a bit heavy on the worsted/aran weights (the ‘light’ room is largely worsted weight baby yarns for example). But they do have some interesting things and are home to the local knitter’s guild. I picked up 2 skeins of Gems in the natural colour (dyeing yarns!!) and will see about checking out the guild in the fall. It is nice to know where they are, since it is the closest yarn store to me (as we don’t have one in my hometown) and is in fact only just down the road about 15-20mins tops.


3 thoughts on “Ssssweet

  1. Cool socks, man! That is some awesome duplicate stitch action. You were more ‘good’ than me at that place – why 3 bags of that purple stuff, why? Oh well. Save it all up for when I get that wheel 😉

  2. Lovely socks. I love the snake on the foot. I’m not much of a HP fan, but I am a fan of these socks.

    Ok, enough gushing. Now onto the jealousy…

    Gemini Fibres??!?! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Gemini Fibres. I may have to plan a trip now that you made the hike.

    Whine over.

    Seriously, those socks rock.

    Love it level= 10!

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