One Sock Down

I post because I can….

First Such a Slytherin Sock.
Pattern by: Lykkefante (blog Lykke og Løkker)
Source: Ravelry Download
Yarn: Main colour – Louet Gem‘s Sage, Contrast Colour – Rowan Soft 4ply 387.
First sock completed: yesterday.

Notes: ribbing on 2.25, leg on 2.5, heel and foot on 2.25 (knit on 2.5 and frogged). Accents duplicate stitched. I don’t like duplicate stitch, I usually avoid it like the plauge, but I have to admit, it looks really cool on this. The ‘seam’ where I carried the yarn is a little uncomfy, but I’ll live.

I’ll try to cast on the second one today or tomorrow.

I have plans to go yarn tripping tomorrow… must resist yarn and fiber fumes…. 😉


3 thoughts on “One Sock Down

  1. It looks fantastic! re the yarn fumes, take deep calming breathes and give your credit card to somebody else for safe keeping 🙂

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