I went ahead and cast on the Such a Slytherin Socks.  The colours look fantastic together (Gem’s in Sage and 4ply Soft in some numbered shade of grey).  I’ve had to size down the needles… twice.  The pattern calls for 2.5mm and 3mm, I started off using 2.25mm and 2.5mm, I knit all the way to the toes and then ripped out the foot and heel to reknit using the 2.25s, the leg is a touch baggy but not enough to tempt me to rip it out too, I could possibly even knit them on 2mm needles but I’ll save that for another pair.  The heel and toe instructions are different and the toe ones a bit odd, but as I can knit a heel flap and do toes I’m not really worried.  Gauge is always interesting, but that aside, so far I like them, very fast knit.

Leg – front

Leg- back

 Leg- inside

So far this has been a 3 movies and one trip to Church project (movies: 12 Monkeys, Rambo 4, and the Dark Crystal) – and that would have been pretty much one entire sock, except for my guage issue. [On, on the movies, 12 Monkeys – a little dated visually, but fantastic if for nothing other than Brad Pitt’s insanity, and I pretty much always love Bruce Willis; Rambo 4, like Rambo’s  1-3 (and I think Stallone is about as big as Rambo1-3 combined), I liked the other three, I like this one, it is much slicker production wise and much gorier – oh and Stallone’s shoulder muscle is dense enough that a bullet that normally blows people up only gives him a little ouchie…; Dark Crystal… um… yeah… I remembered the bad guy creature from when I was really really little (the movie came out the year I was born, I saw it on video some time before I was 4) having seen it again, I know what that was all I remembered…]


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