Fee Fie FO

I went on a bit of a finishing jag, so I have now finished:

Baby Cardigan for my god-daughter.
Pattern: Baby Cardigan from Stings and Sealing Wax. 
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly DK in Stone.

Socks for me (and this puts me -finally- at 3 pairs in my sock quest).
Pattern: Simply Ginny.
Yarn: Hand-dyed/painted from Sally Comes Unraveled.


Maid Marian Shawl (also for me)
Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl. (I got it with the 5 favourites IK download)
Yarn: Mini Maiden from Handmaiden in a Sherwoody Forest colourway.
Notes: I added an extra two repeates of the second chart and ended up with 16g left over.

I’ve also forced myself back to the MDAN shawl. I had some serious frogging to do and I’d pretty much abandoned it for the last month or more. I went back to it, fixed the mistakes and put in some lifelines (already had to use them once…) But I think I’m back on track.

At the moment I’m sockless as far as projects go, I’m torn between a nice cably sock out of the Noro I got at the Purple Purl, or starting the Such a Slytherins that I’ve been coveting. I think I might go with the Slytherin ones as they are fairly straight forward on the knitting front, with the major details being duplicate sts.


4 thoughts on “Fee Fie FO

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! Those are all gorgeous. I especially love the shawl; what a gorgeous colourway, and so beautifully done.

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