Let me explain…

that would be too long, let me sum up.

First off, I have to apologize as I have no pictures, my sister took the family camera and so I’m waiting to see if some of the many pictures from the weekend get circulated at which point I’ll put up a picture post.


 *Go to L’s, knit while they pack, then drive out to the site; at site learn something about ropes (I can do it, but don’t remember what N. called it…) help pitch tent (note- tents at this event are not Canadian Tire tents, they are instead mostly canvas pavillions or wedges held in place with ropes and large pieces of wood); eventually got dressed and went on torchlight procession to ‘welcome the prince’; came back and had party around the fire; drove back to L’s for the night


*Get up at L’s, get dressed (manage to lose darning needle after sewing myself into my stays), drive back out to site – where it is pouring- get into the mess tent, stay out of the rain and eat breakfast (….ummm…. buttertart squares and cinnamon buns); suddenly rain stops and sun comes out, wander around, help out, chat, then go get spinning wheel and sit in the middle of the camp and spin; in the mid-afternoon watch battle (Scottish 1:English 0); back at camp, Prince comes to visit is impressed by wheel; dinner: 4 huge hunks of meat roasted over the fire, 2 haggas’ (haggae…), salade, gravy, and many other yummy things; more hanging around the camp and increasingly camp fire as it gets dark/cold; attend Prince’s cellighe on the green, go back to camp, depart shortly thereafter.


*Get up at L’s, go to Mass, come back get dressed in clothes for the day (borrow darning needle for sewing up stays), pack everyone into the van, return to site – where it is pouring again (breakfast mostly consisted of brownies… at least for me it did there were plenty of other *better for you* options); Sunday the park opened mid-morning so 1. the public was around and 2. we could go into the buildings to warm up; wandered around park in various company, spent more time around camp in mess tent chatting and keeping dry; didn’t go to battle this day (still pouring) – sun came out just as the battle was ending (English win); Glenna and Martha and Lindz came, chatted with them after the battle (thanks guys – sorry about the weather); lunch was a great stew of the left overs and um… way too many brownies and buttertart squares to mention (the woman who brings the sweets is a professional baker); by about 3-4 we started to break camp, so I was packing up, taking down the tent, loading up the van and otherwise irritating N. because he said it was time to pack and I did (in my family when it is ‘time to go’ or ‘time to get ready to go’ that usually means ‘I’m leaving in 10 mins so everything had better be ready’ – not so with the rest of the world apparently); back to L’s, eat dinner, go home.

I managed to spin up 2 of my 1/6 lb bumps on Saturday, one of each colour.  The wheel was a huge hit, not only as a cool something very appropriate that the public will ooohhh over, but also as a ‘look it goes around and around and around’ thing for the guys who pretty much sat and watched it go (and complained when it stopped).  The sweetest little guy (about 3 or 4, white blond hair and blue eyes) sat next to me for the better part of a couple of hours and we talked about how it worked and why certain wheels spun faster. When packing up someone who is part of the group, but RL committments kept him away except for a visit on Sunday, asked N. about the wheel and exclaimed ‘spinning! That’s sexy’

I hate my apron, but it was very useful.  And while I still felt 6 feet wide, I was berated (in a jovial way) for being too accurate and lovely, (apparently as a newbie I shouldn’t have be stayed, clad all in linen and cotton, and spinning – at least not when I have hair to my waist). 

It was lots of fun, despite the wet and cold, and I think I’ll be doing it again (after all that sewing, I damn well better have something else to wear it all too).  


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