Day 1

All of my sewing for the weekend is now done, today I made up my pockets (no embroidery on these as I didn’t get it finished, I’ll keep working on that and make a second pair) and that was the last of it.  Last night I tried the whole get up on… I think I need a wide load sign… I have been reassured that it is supposed to… frumpy… well if that is the case, I have the look down.

Yesterday I predrafted 1/2 pound of the dark oatmeal and 1/2 pound of the henna roving so I have something I can spin.  (Edit:  oh, yeah, I forgot to post about the big box ‘o fiber I got… I ordered: 225g of bamboo pencil roving; 225g of undyed tussah silk, 2lbs of mill ends roving in dark oatmeal and 1lb in henna all from the Black Lamb -btw- they are awesome!  I got the box the day after I placed the order!!- I have dyed some of the silk – but bright blue hand dyed silk roving, not especially period, so I’m going with the more natural coloured wool.)

Tonight is set up night.  Eventually I’ll hear from L. about when we are leaving and then we’ll go out to the village, set up camp and then apparently drink and carouse this evening.

I’m on the sleeves of the baby cardigan I’m making for S.  It is actually almost the same colour as the dark oatmeal roving…


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Oh, MAN why did you tell me about that site?!? Two words: book. mark. But I’m not buying anything until the Wool Auction in August. For serious. I’ll tell you why when the box arrives.

    Enjoy the reproduction thing! Take lots of pictures! And remember – one woman’s “frumpy” is another woman’s “boobalicious.”

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