Wherein I am defeated by pale purple corn

Yes, it’s true.  In accordance with the challenge, I fearlessly sat at the wheel and began to spin the ingeo. Perhaps a little fearful would have been good…  My test cable lied like a swatch!  It didn’t draft easily (I went to making strips of the lenght rather than trying to draft) and I had every problem in the ‘verse getting it to spin (too much twist, too little pull – adjusted whorls; breaking apart, too thick, too thin …).  The texture was much worse working with the larger amounts.  In the end I spun two of the nests and they are sitting on the bobbins waiting to be plied.  I still LOVE the colour and softness, so I’m thinking of how I can use the rest without have to spin it (at least not soon, maybe later I’ll come back to it…)

Ingeo 4 – Kate 0

In knitting news, I am a very very bad knitter, I’ve had serious startitis (oh look new shawl, oh look baby sweater, oh look…) and on top of that, I actually haven’t been knitting much at all (granted that is because I’m being a good student, but still).

Swallowtail Shawl in Mini-maiden, and Sweater Swatch in Wool of the Andes [PS. Go to knitting daily and dl the limited time free pattern book!!].

In other news… I’ve started up an new exercise/diet routine.  I’m focusing on eliminating bad things and increasing activity.  I’ve already pretty much given up diet coke (as in, I’ll have maybe one a week now instead of 3 or 4 a day), and I’m using this site to help me keep close tabs on what I’m eating in terms of nutrional value [I LOVE the fact that I can add my own recipes and they will analyse them for me.]  I know in the long run these changes are all good for me, and that eventually I will see some results…


One thought on “Wherein I am defeated by pale purple corn

  1. Poor purple corn. Well the wheel is getting a good workout at any rate. I think Glenna needs to invade your place so she can play with all the stuff she just got!

    That is a good plan with the reducing Diet Coke, I gave up pop one Lent just for kicks to see what would happen and yeah, I definitely lost a couple pounds. I’ve really been paying a lot more attention to food lately once I started noticing serving sizes too. Good luck with your plan.

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