For my next trick, I will make fire.

Since I’ve actually made yarn… and made it into something… that fits and has a pattern and everything!!

Today the internet (and phone) were down all day (thank you Rogers), so I couldn’t get any work done – or very little, as I needed access to the university library.  So I knit the Spirogyra out of the BLF (from Martha).  The second one seems to have been slighly thicker than the first, but overall it worked out quite well.  I was really suprised at how well the colour blended, up close there is a lot of barber-poling but in the finished fabric held at arms length it is rather uniform.

See what I mean… not very uniform… or very well spun… maybe I shouldn’t do close ups…

I got my wheel back together after the varnishing today, and my next spinning project will be the purple ingeo that Glenna (and this time I am right!!) gave me.  I got really scared when I went looking for info on it (it is basically a polyemerized corn fiber – weird!! and people generally hate it…) but I think it will be okay.  I am going to make a cabled yarn with it as that seems to be the general recommendation.  I pulled off a section and tried it out.  I think it will be okay.  It is very slippery, but if I pre-draft it, it should work…  I’m going to aim for a 4ply worsted weight cable, and then try to knit the High Society cloche from Romantic Handknits (I just have to be careful not to leave it under-glass in the sun… ingeo has a low melting point…).  It is super super soft, and while I can tell what people mean by a ‘corn starch’ feeling, it is not iggy at all (sorry, I can’t think of a better adjective…)

I still haven’t finished clue #3 of the Mystic Lights shawl, and 4 comes out tomorrow…oops… 

I seem to have a startitis problem… things languish while new things get started instead… (I’m going to cast on a Swallowtail Shawl with that other skein of Mini-maiden… 

Today I got 2 skeins of grey Rowan 4ply Soft from Tikabelle in the mail (so now I can knit the Syltherin socks!!!)  😀

In other fiber news, looks like I’m going to be sewing up a storm in the near future, as I need the full complement of 18th c. clothing, at least every day stuff- I am not sewing a gown while writing my thesis!!  My friend (moma of the baby from a few weeks ago) last summer married into a re-enactment family, and I’m going to go play with them this summer.  My first ‘event’ will be Culloden next month… so I will be increasing the fabric stash (which I have been ignoring…) and dusting off the sewing machine.  No doubt my knitting will suffer as a result, but then it can have its revenge when I knit (and spin) there while wearing the get up.


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