Not Exactly Straw to Gold

But not horrible either.

I have knit … bugger all, over the last week (well not entirely true, I got a few rows of my sock and a couple rows of the next clue of the Mystic Lights shawl done, but you know what I mean).

Instead I have been getting to know my spinning wheel.  The first night I had it together I made…

One three ply and one two of um… uneven and messy cosmic blue yarn.


And two piles of cat yak!

But after that…

Two skeins of three ply – 16wpi, worsted spun, singles spun right, plied left.

And over the last two days…


Three skeins of 2 ply, bfl, 19wpi, worsted, singles spun right, plied left.  The little green one is the left over from the other two.

The blue, or cosmic blue, as I like to call it, is corridale.  I have a 1/2lb of it in that colour (which Louet calls ‘Jade’ – sorry, but I’ve never seen jade that colour before… for the record I have no desire to!)  I’ve got a small amount left, which I will hopefully manage to turn into another skein of 3ply.  I’m thinking maybe a pair of socks could be made out of all the three ply in the end.  (See them from space socks … what was I thinking when I bought that colour…)

The other is the BLF (50g, Fleece Artist) I got from Glenna for my birthday.  Last night I split it into 4 pieces lenghtwise and pre-drafted it all out, then spun it into two matched (*snerk*) pairs of singles, which I plyed today.  (Vis a vis the recent knittyspin article).  So the matching didn’t work out exactly… but it still looks pretty.  I’m hoping to have enough for a pair of fingerless gloves, possibly the Spirogyra from the same.  I’m still having difficulty figuring out yardage – it doesn’t help that I lost count when winding it on to the niddy noddy…

The plan is to finish the corridale and then attempt the bamboo (which is my Fearless Spinning Challenge project).  All of which has to wait a little since on a whim today I decided to varnish it – apparently all the posts about how important it is to finish it lest it – rot/warp/break/become brittle/etc… got to me.  I really like the way the colour changed with the application of the varnish and it seems to be quite quick drying.  I’m hoping it will be back into working order tomorrow.   (Maybe I should pre-draft the corridale tonight…)

I think spinning lace will ultimately not be a problem as I’m already producing plied lightweight fingering, ie. lace-weight singles.  Which is kind of exciting.  I am, however, rapidly running out of fiber!!  I have most of the dyed silk left and a bit of merino and silk merino, but the corridale and the bfl were the bulk of my fiber stash… I guess I’m going to have to get more!! (oh. darn.)

[EDIT ::  it seems my memory is already going.. and that the BFL came from Martha – sorry!!!  Also, the bamboo, that I’ve had for months and been so excited about, and looked at over and over again – I sweat fiber faries have been playing with the label!!  I pulled it out yesterday to have look at it – the label clearly says “Ingeo” which is not bamboo…. People!!  I don’t invent bamboo!!! Why would I have made that up?!  *sigh*  I’m still as excited to spin it up, it is still as pretty and as soft, but I’m starting to wonder about my sanity.]


2 thoughts on “Not Exactly Straw to Gold

  1. DUDE. That is some awesome spinning. I want to be able to do that some day. I guess I’ll need a wheel 😉

    Psst…I think it might have been Martha that got you that fleece artist though! Much as I love props I think that one goe sto her, heh heh 😀

  2. Oh hee hee yes that fleece was me. 😀

    But now that I see what it gets spun into you’re liable to get more of that the next time a gift occasion rolls around. /:)

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