Raiders of the Lost Stash (or I cleaned my closet)

This past Saturday, we picked up some filing cabinets from my Aunt who is moving and didn’t want them any more.  I have been saying I need filing cabinets for… years.   As I head into my 9th year of university the number of files I have managed to accumulate quite literally filled my closet (clothes … in a closet… ) – in plastic cubes.  Today I emptied them all out, recycled a ton of stuff, filled up the filing cabinets, determined what I won’t use in the near future and relegated that to the back of the closet and used the rest of the cubes to hold other stuff.  While digging out the closet I found part of the Lost Stash.  The Lost Stash is my first stash, which I acquired in my undergrad before we moved into this house, since moving I sort of lost track of much (most) of it.  Over time I expect I’ll find it all again, today I found a box that contained: my Slytherin scarf – which was way off guage and needs to be frogged, a crocheted baby blanket (agh! in boucle!! what was I thinking), a bag of Paton’s Astra, the left overs from a sweater I knit my sister (in rather scratchy blue wool, well, at least I was moving in a less flamable direction…), and a partially knit sock.  I will frog the sock and the scarf, though I’m not sure I’ll reknit the scarf… though I might use the yarn for something else.  The rest I’ve put back in the closet (neatly and accessibly) to use when I need acrylic or when I have time to knit a hat or something out of the wool.

(WTF?!  How long has that been there!!?)

I have finshed clue #2 of the Mystic Light’s shawl. 

I am torn, the Knitter’s Frolic and the Chaucer conference are on the same day!!  I have to go to the conference (which isn’t a bad thing at all), but I really wanted to meet up with some of the girls and hit the market place at the Frolic.  I could potentially whip in really early, but even then I’ll still miss part of the conference.  There is a decent length lunch break, so maybe I’ll go over then, since the conference goes until 7pm at least.  😦  Why doesn’t the universe clear these scheduling things with me first?!

My wheel arrived!! I’m going to go get it tomorrow morning, I’ll try to pick up stain on my way home, then I can get started finishing it.  Then maybe while I wait for it to be ready to assemble I can actually get some work done…

Yes work, I’m off to work on my abstract (so you want state of the question, the content outine for a book, and the methodological approach for said book in two pages… right…)


3 thoughts on “Raiders of the Lost Stash (or I cleaned my closet)

  1. Haha best post title ever! Poor Slytherin scarf.

    I like your sock counter on the right, I should start looking at my basket of sock yarn that way. Mmm, yarny potential.

  2. I agree that wanting to do the conference and the frolic is very, very tempting…it if was me I’d probably try to fit in both! But do whatever makes you less stressed, in the long run…the frolic will still be there again next time!

  3. Oooh, Chaucer conference? Will they let lapsed academics in too?

    Remember that if the conference doesn’t go too late you can still make the Big Girl Knits book launch party at Lettuce Knit! (I know that it’s maybe not quite as thrilling as a yarn marketplace, but I bet you could still do some pretty serious stashing!)

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