Ouch! or Of photographs and socks

Yesterday was the Yarn Harlot‘s book launch.  I spent the morning working (yes, like a good little scholar) and the afternoon trudging about our fair city (in the wind) with Martha  taking pictures of a pitifully small sock with various and sundry landmarks.  I ended up with 18 or 19 points.  Martha came in 3rd!!  I currently ache every where!! But it was good – if strange – fun.

(Martha and my sock – for the record I had finished a pair of socks the day before so that was my only sock in progress)

We made a pass by my department where I took my free-style photo (more on that later), where we ran into a collegue of mine, Alice, who too has the madness and joined us in the knitting excitement.  We arrived early to the theatre and had a lovely time knitting (and spinning – yes, I spun) in the foyer before they let us in. 

(Random foyer picture #1 – with Martha)

(Random foyer picture #2 – with Alice)

(Glenna – who had just handed in her thesis!!!- )

(Martha, Glenna, and Alice)

The opening act (dude, opening act for a knitting talk!!), Andy and Michael from the Skydiggers,  was very entertaining and the best of sports.  Anyone who tells the techie to turn the house lights back on because there is knitting that needs to be done, is made of awesome.

And, of course, Stephanie was wonderful, hilarious and informative (I learned all sorts of things about brain waves…) and totally affirming of the fiber addiction.

Today, I finished the sock in the pictures and cast on its mate.  Once this is posted, I’m going to work on the next clue for the Mystic Lights KAL which came out this morning.

My free-style picture is of my sock (I picked this one because you can actually see the sock) in the window ledge in my department’s building – yes that is a stain glass window of an Egyptian (ish…) woman spinning.  In fact it but one of three such women in the lower register of a window that also contains images of woman weaving and is flanked by windows with other images of textile production.  The building, which now houses my department [The Centre for Medieval Studies] and also Classics, was originally a home-economics department and this window went with that incarnation.  

(The other two spinning women).

(The whole lower register)

(The best I got of the upper register – women weaving)

(A strangely blue, but otherwise fairly clear picture of the right side window – final prep of yarn, the women on top seem doing something with finished bolts of fabric, while the men are bashing wet yarn on the shower walls, I mean…)

(Look!  Half-naked men, fulling skeins of freshly spun yarn!! )

(My attempt to get all three windows, I couldn’t get any farther back as I was standing in someone’s office…)


4 thoughts on “Ouch! or Of photographs and socks

  1. OMG I ache all over too. Wow who knew walking was so tiring? 😉

    I love your freestyle choice and that there are stained glass windows with people spinning. Did you add your pics to the flickr group? The Latin one totally needs to go on there.

  2. It was great to finally meet you! What a fun and crazy day, eh?

    I love those windows. it’s really interesting that the artist seemed to actually have a pretty good handle on how textile production really works!

  3. Love your photos of the Egyptian(ish) women! It’s quite a building we inhabit, isn’t it?
    I really, really wanted to be at the book launch, too, but had other commitments I couldn’t avoid. Thanks for letting me experience it secondhand!

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