Very little to report

I finished the Flutter-bys, I’ve still got a good amount of yarn left over from that skein so I’m thinking about whether to try to get some ankle socks out of it. I’ll probably weigh the ball and see how much I’ve got.  The plan is to get started with another pair of Ginnys in the same blue as before.  This puts me at 2 completed and 12 to go…

(They are rather cute, though I could perhaps have gone down a needle size)

I haven’t got back to the MDAN shawl since I frogged it, I’m going to print off the charts and the errata and see if working from that helps.

Tomorrow is the Yarn Harlot’s launch here in Toronto, so I’ll be meeting up with M. and joining in the festivities – guess I should get a sock cast on… I’ll probably do a few of the photo-scavenger hunt shots but not much, I’ll be working most of the day, and since there are not a lot of points to be earned in my carrel…  Wednesday I’m back to teaching (I had two weeks off).  And Friday I’m downtown again for a girls night in, I’ll be brining knitting to that.  I’ve only got a couple of weeks left before I meet with my supervisor and committee again (so I guess I should really get some of that writing done…), though I have been working, just on revisions for my article not on my thesis.  It is all very exciting to see the article actually coming together (and a little scary too).

As of yesterday, I am official ending the winter hibernation and trying to get back into a healthier routine.  And while I will concede that round is a shape and that really the world needs more of me, living off of diet coke and spending most of my time sitting or sleeping is probably not good for me in the long run.  So, cutting back on the diet coke *gasp* and doing 20mins a day on the eliptical followed by my rather haphazard weight routine is now the plan, with allowances made for days when I’m not here (ie. near the eliptical).  [Though really, if I’m sitting and working I don’t think I should be allowed to gain weight!  It’s not like I’m watching tv or playing video games, I’m writing my thesis, an article, and lectures – things one can’t exactly exercise to – that and knitting..]  Hence forth a healthier me.

I signed up for another lace KAL, this one to overlap a bit with the current one a bit (I think…) details here.  I’m thinking of using some of the Knit Picks bare laceweight I have in my stash. 

That is all I have to report.


One thought on “Very little to report

  1. Woot! Healthy is always better. I wish my apartment complex had an elliptical machine – or even a gym in general. Oh well. Maybe I should just start thinking of the world as my gym! ::snicker::

    Today is Cesar Chavez Day in California. Thus, no school and no post. I have no idea who he was, but hurrah for him! However, there are 2 balls of 4-ply in my school bag. I’ll drop them off tomorrow between the train and class. 😀

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