ooohhh silk…

I started spinning with the silk hankies (thanks Amelia for the encouragement), and then decided I’d just go ahead and dye them.  I’ve got a couple layers left natural and then I divided the rest into four roughly even sections and dyed each one a different colour (gold, red, burgundy, and purple).  I soaked them for about an hour, because I am impatient and didn’t feel like waiting longer.  I used the stove top method and dyed the hankies only one colour each.  I think I used way too much red, but the other colours did a decent job of exhausting.  The purple and burgundy ended up looking almost exactly the same, oh, well, good thing I like that colour.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them (other than spin) or how or with what I want to ply them, the single is really thin, but slubby (as was expected).  I’m thinking maybe I should ply it with some merino or bfl to make the Hour Glass Sweater (but that will at least partly depend on how much yardage I get out of it – not that I couldn’t always make more…).





I gave up on the Fleece Artist for the Mystic Light shawl, frogged it and started over with the green merino/silk I had dyed emerald green last summer (and which I had started the Clessidra with).  It looks a million times better and I’m now finished clue #1.

(Centre cable)

(Side Cable and border)

(Side panel)

(Chart 1)

I’m working on the second Flutter-by sock, and if I completely obsesse this weekend I could have it finished before April, then I’ll have to decide whether to cast on the other TKSC sock for April, or find something else, I’m thinking maybe another pair of Simply Ginny with the other half of the skein I used for the other pair.  This time I’d go down a needle size I think, as the socks are a little loose for my tastes – not unwearably so, but not my usual cup of tea.


2 thoughts on “ooohhh silk…

  1. NUM. That teal green is so gorgeous I want to nibble on it.

    I need to get back to yon spinning AND yon sock knitting, i keep telling myself. Once Venezia is finished….

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