Fiber Road Trip

Today I  took L. and baby and we went on a little road trip up to Gemini Fibers, to pick up my accessories in anticipation of the journey up to get my wheel. 

(L. and baby… hmmm… not sure why baby has goa’uld eyes…)

The trip was uneventful, baby was awesome and slept most of the time we were in the car.  We drove past the store once first, but realized it right away.  The shop is adorable from the outside!  Very wee inside (but probably still bigger than, say, Lettuce Knit), yet it is stuffed to the gills full of good stuff.  A fairly limited selection of yarns, but lots of spinning fiber, and more important even – every accessory known to woman for knitting, spinning, etc.   I got the Lazy Kate, bobbins, and niddy noddy that I ordered, and also picked up all the back issues of Spin -off they had that I didn’t (and the new one…), a copy of In Sheep’s Clothing, and the booklet on Upright Wheel Construction (because that just sounds like something I ought to have…), and – one of those spinner’s guides, some undyed silk hankies, and some flax.  😀  I was only in there a few minutes!!!  L. got some beading magazines and baby had her first fiber excursion.  We then went and had lunch in Newmarket (what is up with all the ethnic food in Newmarket?!).  It was lovely fun and I’ll probably drag her along when I go up for the wheel too.


(The Lazy Kate and Bobbins)


(Niddy Noddy)


(Guide thingmey)


(Books are not yarn…)


(50g, Cultivated Silk Hankies)


(100g, Water Retted Flax Top)

When I got home my second order of the colrain lace arrived, the colours seem to match okay, but I won’t really know until I knit it up.  Also, someone, sorry I can’t remember who, asked about the blanket that was advertized with the yarn – it is a weaving pattern, not an actual blanket [I added one to my order since I had to order more of the yarn I figured I’d darn well get the free whatever that went with it.]

Last night I frogged most of my MDAN shawl, because it looked like this, note how screwy the yarn overs look – that is supposed to be a nice diamond.

(Can you see where the decreases and yos are supposed to make a diamond?  Exactly!)

I also cast on the Mystic Lights shawl … at 11pm -ish… at around 1am I made myself go to bed… I will finish that clue tonight (what, obsessive, me?!)  The pattern is great, I’ve never done a shawl this shape before so the set up rows threw me when I read the instructions, but I just knit it and it all worked out fine.  I’m a little concerned that the yarn is too dark and too busy for the pattern, but after all the work I did setting up the yarn I’m darn well going to finish it!

(Lace always looks like cat barf until blocked… right?…)

Question:  Do I spin the hankies as they are, or should I dye them first?  I can’t decided, part of me wants to rip into them right away, the other half wants to make them pretty colours first…

PS.  So I was up in Mt Albert at Gemini Fibers and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that all those Tom Forrester spindles etc, which I’ve seen all over, yeah, he’s from Mt Albert!!  (now I feel stupid….)  [Note- they are beautiful, but I didn’t buy one, though I’d really love to get one of the Russian lace ones…]


One thought on “Fiber Road Trip

  1. How about dye half the hankies and spin half … or spin one and see how you like spinning white, then decide. Me, I’d probably dye them all first. So I could spin color 🙂

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