Happy Easter!

Here we are, into the 3rd day of Easter, so Happy Easter!  My mini-vacation ended today and it’s back to work.

Yesterday we had a family day and went to Reptilia, which is a local reptile and amphibian zoo. They boast Canada’s largest crocodile, a 1000lb Nile Crocodile, and they have an impressive set up, that keeps you safe and still gives you an up close look at the critters.  They also have their own nursery and hatchery, and many of their animals have been ‘rescued’ from people who thought they would make good pets – uh, not really, especially the little camens (sp?) – a pet that wants to eat you, not such a good idea.  Any way we walked the ‘zoo’ part, which is just long enough that the kids attention span lasted for the whole thing, saw the keeper feed chicken hearts to the alligators, and went to a ‘meet the keeper’ show where we got to touch lizards.  I brought my sock!  There are pictures.  Afterwards we went to the Vaughn Mills Mall, to Build-a-Bear (my youngest sister got an Army bear, which she named Sullivan, after one of my sister’s friends [apparently she plans to collect teddy bears in army uniforms named after all of my sister’s friends in the service]  and my youngest brother got a Karate bear, which he named Kevin) and then I picked up a fishing-line counter from the Bass Pro Shop, in (vain?) hope of DIY myself a yardage meter.

(Sock, cute stuffed animal turtle, and real snake)

I finished the first Flutter-by sock, and have cast on the second (that makes my third sock completed of my 14 pairs).  I quite like the pattern, and although it seems a bit baggy on the blocker, it fit quite nicely.  I have to frog part of my MDAN shawl since I seem to have royally frakked it up (so I’m ignoring it for the moment).

Today was work, some touch ups on an article and some more work on my thesis (if you thought medical doctors had bad handwriting you should try reading my supervisor’s).  Tomorrow I’m going to hitch a ride with dad and hit the library and then Thursday I’m taking my bf, my god-daughter (her baby), and going to Gemini Fibers to pick up my accessories — wheel won’t be in until mid-April — and hopefully some fiber to play with, I’d really like to get some silk hankies.


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