Temptations abound!

No sooner do I resolve to not buy yarn but a pattern I’ve been waiting for is published and I don’t have the right colours for it!!!  I have the green, I even have options for the green, but I’ve no grey or silver in my stash!!  I guess I’m going to need to spin some… and quick!  [Yeah, sorry, pattern is Lykkefante’s Such a Slytherin, she did up a really cool Gryffindor one some months ago, and the Slytherin is the second in what is to be a full house set.]

I’m still am now, what 2… 3….? days into my resolve and already I’m trying to figure my way around it!  On the bright side, I have finished the Blue Ginnys and have already cast on the April socks for the TKSC, I’m doing the Flutter-by socks in Tofutsies whatever they call the pinks and black one…  It is looking quite nice, however, the battery for the camera is charging so I have to wait to take pictures.  I definately still have enough left over from the Ginnys to knit another pair of ankle socks, so I’ll probably cast those on shortly.  The pattern is great, and uber-quick.

Umm… I got my stitch markers in the St. Patrick’s Day swap I was in, via the Stuff Knitter’s Want group:

Pal #1:

Pal #2:

Yesterday I got a bit more of the MDAN shawl done, I think I screwed something up somewhere as I always seem to have the wrong count in one section – I should really go check the charts (I’m working with the written out directions as they were easier to print).  But it is only in that one place and it is on the end so easy enough to hide (hence my not being too worried about it).


One thought on “Temptations abound!

  1. I have at least 2, maybe 4 balls of Rowan 4-ply in Slytherin grey. I was going to use them for my Slytherin pal but ended up just making green socks. Want’em?

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