I would walk 500 miles…

Okay, so it isn’t 500 miles… I, using my ravelry stash stats, calcuated the milage in my stash: rounding to the nearest 1000, I have 40,000 yards of yarn.  Which works out to 22.7272 miles or 22 miles and 1280 yards (or if you want to go the other way: 120,000 feet or 1,440,000 inches*) in total, a goodly portion of that is sock yarn, though the lace is up there.  And this only vaugely takes into account my remnants.   So I’m going tempt the knitting deities and determine not to buy any more yarn until I’ve got that down to at least 22 miles even… (which the shawl I’m knitting should pretty much do… though, by that time the extra I needed for it will have arrived… bugger…).  Think bigger…  no more yarn buying until … say… 3 miles: which works out to about 14 pairs of socks [based on the calculation 1 pair = 400yds yielding 3 miles = 5280yds / 400yds = 13.2 pairs, rounded up to 14], so let’s make that the goal – after 14 pairs of socks knit from stash (I have approximately 22 pairs of socks worth of yarn – not counting the sock weight that is set aside for the Mystic Lights KAL), I’ll be allowed to buy more yarn.  You will all remember this and hold me to it… right?

 Now everything needs a loop hole and so here comes mine, I cannot buy yarn, but I can buy fiber – at some point I’ll have to make up a purchased to spun to knit up ratio for fiber, but one thing at a time.  Now given my current rate of sock production – 1.3 /month since January it will take me until next year… (11 months or 10.7 but really)… 

Also, gift yarn is allowed- you know, in case the yarn fairy was thinking of visiting…

 On the upside – I actually just cleared a few things into the used up tab of my stash (a recalculation will have to wait) and I’m almost finished a sock!  I cast on the Simply Ginny yesterday (or two days ago given when this is going up…) and I’ve just got to graft the toe on the first one.  I even added a repeat to the leg (granted that is only 9 extra rows…)  I think I might be able to get 2 pairs of these out of one skein (but each pair counts) 😉  The pattern is really cute and super quick, though I think the increase one at the end of the ribbing is superfluous.  I’m using the yarn sallyunraveled sent me in the first round of the Hand-dyed Yarn Swap.  It is all blues and greens and teals, very nice, though the greens don’t photograph for some reason.

(This was as of this morning.)

PS. My Wilton pan arrived, I’m looking forward to using it for Canada Day – anyone want to come over for cake? 

PPS. I just tried out a new cheese cake recipe – (talk about stupid, cheese cake just as the triduum begins!!), but I’ll review it later this weekend.

*Metric conversion: 36,576 meters, 36.576km, 3,657,600 cm, and 36,576,000mm.


2 thoughts on “I would walk 500 miles…

  1. Woo! Mileage quests for everyone!! I haven’t added my Zombies yet, but I think I’ll go grab my scale… 😀 I have a question about the MDAR shawl pattern: how long did it take to arrive after you bought it? Was it emailed to you? I’m anxiously awaiting mine. Hee!

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