Cast on or away….

First off, wow, apparently cake is a big draw.  I’ll have to remember that and post more about deserts in future.

Also, if anyone is interested Kathy Elkins responded to the concerns I raised in my last post, in the comments, you can find that here.  I am grateful for her feedback. Though I maintain that this is a highly problematic method of product description, and for my purposes would have completely altered my decision making process.  I’ve been working with the Colrain Lace [1400 yds, 1/2lb cone, 2/10, for $22.50] for the last couple of days, the colour is beautiful and it has held up to my heavy tugging as I slide the beads around.  With only a couple of inches knit I can’t seen any particular advantages in terms of drape from the tencel, or additional shine (though the sh*tty light here because of the wretched weather might have something to do with that).  That said, I can’t say that I’m blown away by it.  I’ve used the Knit Picks 100% merino lace-weight [440 yds, 50gr skein, 2/16, for $2.49 – it also comes in Bare, 880 yds, 100gr, 2/16, for $4.29], which was fuzzier, but otherwise my experience was comparable.  We’ll revisit that again after more knitting and blocking.  I haven’t used Zephyr but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.   It is 50-50 Merino-Silk blend, 5040yrds, 1lb cone, 2/18, for about $60. 

I have – finally – actually cast on the Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights shawl (hereafter known as either the shawl or MDAN).  I think I might have screwed things up a couple of times already, but only really minor screw ups which have already be fixed.  I’m enjoying the knitting and the beads/yarn combo is working really nicely.  The main thing I’m noticing though is how s-l-o-w it goes when you have to move that many beads around.  I strung them all, and unfortunately they sit differently when you string them and when you place them, so I’ll have to do the same for the other side.  But over-all I’m a happy little lace knitter (now if only I could get to a copy shop and get the charts printed – FYI the charts are full colour, so I’m not going to print them at home).

(See how they sparkle…)

(It feels like so much more work that it looks like.)


2 thoughts on “Cast on or away….

  1. Ooo, it’s going really well! I do like the color, especially with the clear beads. I tend to discount clear beads as useless – I’m going to have to revise my opinion, I think.
    Lately I’ve had the Lace Bug, but haven’t been able to commit to a project. My dear friend announced her marriage to my ex (who is a dear friend) on Friday, so a wedding shawl is imminent. I think I’ll go buy the pattern for this one – I have some 55/45 cashmere/silk from Colourmart in Tussah and some gold-lined pearl beads that would work quite well. Yay for being inspired! 😀
    I’m glad you heard from Kathy. It’s nice to be treated with respect by a company, isn’t it? Makes you feel like a person and not a customer number.

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