I’m dreaming of a white Easter

Maybe it’s more of a nightmare, but likely a reality unless ol’ma nature gets her hot on real fast.

Another slow few days on the knitting front (where, oh where is my LACEWEIGHT?!!)  But I got the spinning bug real bad, between anticipation for my wheel and Ravelry fora… I’m dreaming in handpainted rovings (literally).  Last night, while vegging out watching Boondock Saints I worked some more on the Merino/Silk blend.  It seems to be coming along nicely.  I’ve given up on trying to predraft the whole 100g, it was making me batty, so I’m doing the predrafting and spinning together in really small lenghts (ie. I grab the end and tug and then pre-draft and spin that few inches).  I’ve been able to get it quite thin and reasonably consistent.  I spent some time researching navajo plying, which I think I might try with this or I’ll get my Kate and Bobbins and then ply from that on my spindle.

This weekend is mom’s 50th birthday party, so… tomorrow I’ll be making a three tier cake.  I’m going to hit Blockbuster this evening and pick up a few movies to keep me company and spend all day tomorrow baking and icing. 


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