Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I finally gave in and admitted that I wasn’t going to get anything substaintial done on the editing front this weekend.  And so, last night involved a lot of knitting. Some work on my left over sock yarn blanket (based off of this pattern from Ravelry), and I finished the foot and turned the heel of the second Jaywalker.

Today, I slept until noon (go me!) and then I decided on this fine spring morning* that I’d do a spring cleaning/post-paper cleaning of my room.  When I write a paper my room slowly devolves into utter chaos (and the fact that I know where everything is in that chaos is more a glimpse at how my mind works than proof that it doesn’t need to be re-organized).  I threw out an entire green garbage bag full of trash, and recycled 2-3x that much [apparently every package in one of those flat square boxes from the US postal service from the last 6months came to me and I saved the boxes).  I did a major re-org of my workspace and storage of yarn, comics, and the underside of my desk.  I might even be able to write from my desk for a couple of weeks now, rather than from the bed…





My beads came yesterday, still waiting on the yarn for the shawls.

I’m in the Mystic Lights KAL, and I (rather stupidly) thought – “Wow, I have a skein of that very yarn, I’ll just order another of that colourway – since they are hand painted it wouldn’t matter, they wouldn’t be exact even if I did order them together- and I’ll be all set!”  Well, it did matter – one had a significant amount of purple the other had… none.  So my brilliant idea was to cut each skein into quarters and then splice them together in alternating quarters to try and redistribute the colour variation (which ultimately is now warm and cool of the same brown and blue and that little bit of purple).  It was an ordeal I do not relish the thought of ever repeating, but I now have 4 balls each of which consists of one quarter of each skein, they are numbered so I know which ones I decided could splice together from one ball to the next – that was a speical adventure….  I have two concerns now 1. that the colour transitions will look like sh*t, 2. that I will run out of yarn, as the pattern runs really close – though admittedly my splices are not taking up massive yardage.  Oh, well, the whole project will be a mystery adventure!

*This is what it looks like outside…


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