In which I neither knit nor shop

I know, it is a minor miracle!

Today was utterly non-productive in the realm of things fiber-y.  I didn’t get so much as a stitch done on anything, and I didn’t buy any yarn or fiber or equipment (which may or may not be a good thing).  I did get a little more editing done on chapter one – it is sooo painfully slow at this point, just adding footnotes and references, the part I hate!

I don’t think I posted about it, but a KP order arrived the other day – mostly it contained needle tips and cables, and 2 skeins of bare worsted weight.  The yarn is general stash padding (mostly because at Christmas I kept running out of worsted for hats etc. and had to keep running out to get more, I figure if I pad things a little  now I won’t have to do that again).  I ordered 4 and 5mm tips both in the Harmony and 4 also in Options, and I got 3mm fixed metal in two different cable lengths along with 3 different cable lengths.  (Only to realize I probably ought to order another couple of needles of the fixed variety in 3.25mm and some 4.5mm tips.)

My shipping notices came for both Webs and the bead place so I should get mail tomorrow and next week (provided we aren’t day after tomorrowed by the impending icey death from above – ie. snow storm- that my father is all paniced about – honestly his midlife crisis seems to revolve around weather panic, it is so weird). 

I didn’t shop today, but I did browse… extensively.  And watched and read lots about various blending and carding tools.  FYI if anyone in interested DIY for spinning check out this list, I am absolutely going to do the Yarn Meter and probably also a set of hackles (I really liked this one and this one has amusing instructional videos – not to mention a blog title that is a Firefly reference).  [And I now want a drum carder… I wonder if any of the yarn stores in Toronto rent one out… never mind, hackles will have to do… for now…]

Yesterday night, while knitting, I watched The Number 23, I wouldn’t claim it was a great film, but I found it interesting for what it did, the style of the story within the story was quite cool, and it was neat to watch Jim Carrey in a dramatic role.  Anyway, on a whim I figured out my ‘number’ based on my birthdate – 3 guesses what it is?   O_o


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