Of Train Derailments and Fruit Leather

Between the snow storm outside (as in over a foot in 5hrs and still coming down) and the train derailment, I’m stuck at home today.  (*insert growl of frustration*)  I was supposed to pick up some fellowship work, meet with my supervisor and teach today – so nice timing there Old Man Winter! (*insert grumbling about global warming*)  [FYI – I don’t think that the snow is so very very bad, but I am not in charge of a) the plowing of our street -which never seems to happen or b) my father’s sudden onset case of weather panic this year].

I am also sad because that means no KIP for me today and I can’t use my great new portable food source (because I’ve frequently not eaten on Wednesdays until c. 5:30-6pm when I get home) 100% fruit fruit leather, mmmmmm – tastes like strawberries (well, the strawberry one does).  I will have to console myself with some knitting (maybe I’ll cast on that second Jaywalker) and getting some more work done on that chapter, so it looks a little better when I do talk to A. about it.

On the wheel front, it will end up being 1 to 1.5 months delayed as the supplier is out of stock and more are on their way from Poland.  This gives me more time to think about finishing options and to obsess about fiber projects (not to mention get carried away with thoughts of fiber blending… *repeat after me – there is no space for a drum carder*).


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