I Slipped and my Credit Card went BOOM!

But I have an excuse!!  (yeah, right, always)

It goes like this.  My mom’s sister was over today and I was working on mom’s birthday shawl and she said she wanted one like the one I gave mom for Christmas (the purple diamond one).  So I offered to take her name for Christmas (a mere what, 9 months earlier than we normally draw) and then we did the Ravelry lace shawl search and I showed her the new Valley Yarns Colrain lace weight (which has killer colours).  She decided I could choose the shawl (from the ones we narrowed it down to) and she picked the Ocean Blue colourway. 

(The Shawl for Mom that started this all).

As a result, I ordered two patterns (the Sheherazade and Moroccan Days/Arabian Nights) both of which I want to knit anyway.  And a goodly number of seedbeads Silver-Lined Crystal, either one I’ll use beads on.  And a cone of the Ocean Blue, one of Coffee and one of Dark Teal… beacuse if I got three then I’d get the discount… (why yes I do order more books in order to get free shipping, how did you know?!)  I figure I’ll look at the two and figure out which one I want to go with.

I was not planning on ordering anything of the sort… but… on the up side, I have an excuse to knit one of the two shawls that I’m most excited about and I have one of my major Christmas gift concerns out of the way.

I was also trying to think about how I could use yarn/fiber buying as an incentive for my thesis.  I was thinking that after a reasonable draft of each chapter I could get one of the things on my Must Have list (ie. Sheep2Shoe Kits in a couple of the Raven series colours –Valkryie and Thraven; BMFA Sock-Blockers; enough fiber to spin my own Hour Glass Sweater; and a couple of things from the Loopy Ewe -esp. because I’m almost to Loopy Groupie status 😀 )  Since some of the lace-weight was going to be on my list, I’m going to need a second chapter before I can do anything else.


2 thoughts on “I Slipped and my Credit Card went BOOM!

  1. Next time I see you I will totally be fondling all of that laceweight omg. Can’t wait to see how it turns out with the beads.

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