Happy Feb 29th

In the general spirit of celebration that seems to pervade this quadrennial date, I wish you a happy leap day!

Knitting is pretty limited (but the 25 pages is in editing so I count that as a good thing).  I finished blocking the Woodland Shawl and am wearing it right now – it contents me.  And yesterday while the boys were getting their hair cut I started the ribbing on my first Jaywalker (knit toe up so that is more accomplished than it might sound).


Yesterday I was doing some figuring, and I think I might actually be able to manage a wheel sometime early in the summer or late in the spring.  I want a Kromski- I have heard good things about them as spinnng wheels and to my mind they are the most attractive wheels out there, and I am determined to have one that is worth looking at as much as working with (it means a lot to me). I’m leaning towards the Symphony, but I love the Polonaise, and I also like the castle wheels, I like the look and size of the Minstrel, but I like that the Mazurka comes with a tensioned Lazy Kate.  I am waiting on some information from one of the possible sources of the wheel, but hopefully I can get everything sorted out in a month or two.  Anyone who has worked with any of them have any suggestions?

  (The Symphony, Polonaise, Mazurka, and Mistrel)


One thought on “Happy Feb 29th

  1. Lovely shawl! Hope it’s happy energy helps you out with the editing…

    Regarding the wheels, while I haven’t tried any Kromski’s personally, I’m definitely leaning towards the Mazurka. It seems like the most versatile of wheels (I’m assuming it comes DT if you choose), and most space-efficient*, and is really pretty. I think that Gemini Fibers carries them, and they should let you “test drive”.

    I also highly recommend spinning on as many other folks’ wheels as you can before you buy** so you can get a feel for what you like (single of double treadle, Saxony or castle, which brands’ bobbins are bigger, etc). Lettuce Knit also rents wheels for a very good weekly rate so you cat try them out, and all rental $ can go toward the purchase if you buy from them!

    * not that I’m one to talk – I have a saxony in my apt! (does the folding Joy make up for that?)
    **again, not that I’m one to talk, as one wheel was a gift, the other a mostly-impulse purchase!

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