A Most Excellent Queen St Adventure

I was down on Queen St today.  I purposefully avoided the side of the street that Arton Beads is on (the south side) – only to get a better glimpse of the bead shops on the north side… but I didn’t go in.  I walked down to Romni (through the demolishion site aka. rubble removal from last week’s fire – all I can say is wow!  As a side note, I was down there last week and experinced the smoke etc, but I had no idea what kind of damage it had done.)  I toddled about the store a bit – including checking out the fiber (silk, hemp, flax -bleached and un, corn, bamboo, various blends thereof, and of course lots of wool varieties and wool blends) and of course visiting the grand old wall o’sock yarn.  But I left without any wool or fiber (*pats self on back*), I limited myself to picking up the Winter 2007 edition of Spin-off. (Which made me wish I had brought my spinning with me, but since I was wearning black it was probably just as well I hadn’t – since my current project is white silk/merino blend… but I digress… again.)  While I was checking out the woman at the counter noticed and asked about my mittens.  So I bragged all about explained that they were designed by a friend and that I was wearing my test knit of the pattern (it was -22C out there today folks, so I wore mittens).  She called over a couple more people, then a couple more and they all oohed and ahhed over them, petting and trying them on etc.  So Em, big hit over there.


I went from there to work, where I read through most of the magazine and did a bit of knitting before class.  Then I got to knit through most of class, since they were writing a midterm.  (There are 7 students in the class, invigilating a midterm is very uneventful).  But between that and knitting on the train, I finished the Woodland Shawl, which is now blocked out and drying in my bathroom.  It is knit out of Mini Maiden (a single ply fingering weight wool/silk blend) in lovely blues and greens.  I ended up with several more repeats than the pattern, but then I had more yardage so that makes sense.  The pattern was lovely and very easy to memorize.  I’ll have more pictures once the sun comes up and there is again light in my room.

 (but here is the WIP pic)

It is nice to have a WIP off the needles and I look forward to having a shawl of my own (to date I’ve knit 5 or so shawls and all of them have gone to someone else).  I have to attend to Mom’s birthday one, since that is ‘due’ in a couple of weeks.  I’ve got those Jaywalkers to finish and a couple of others, and my brain has been consumed by a sock design.  But more on that when it is more than just in my head.

I should go, take a nap, eat, or edit those pages I wrote that I need to show my supervisor…

2 thoughts on “A Most Excellent Queen St Adventure

  1. OMG I almost cast on for the Woodland Shawl yesterday!!! Yours looks lovely. Well gawsh I’m going to have to get me some 4mm needles stat.

    Nice to hear your report on Romni, i don’t think it’s sunk in for me yet about what Queen will look like with the damage.

  2. Hey, thanks! I appreciate the “walking advertisement” 🙂 *Pattern release is tomorrow!*

    You show far more willpower than I could’ve, especially when it comes to spinning. Good job!

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