February: chapter 1

February is Chpt 1, Draft 1, Thesis month for me, so, less knitting more reading. But there are a few things that have yet to go up into Blogland.

1. I finished my Sydney socks. The construction is really interesting, the pattern is good, but they don’t fit. I haven’t got particularly high arches, but I couldn’t get the socks over my heels, nor could the first friend I offered them to (though I did eventually find someone they fit). All a bit disappointing.

2. Mittens. I test knit the Ice Wine Mittens by Em (of Not Another Knit Blog). Great pattern, with amazing charts. The mittens are quite long, giving you lots of space for design and a really great long gauntlet for keeping the snow off your arms if it gets under your sleeve and keeping wrists warm.

3. I’ve been kind of click happy over on the Loopy Ewe over the last little while. I ordered the Wollmeise, and then a medium wooden sock blocker and a skein of Duet’s Skinny (which came today) and then I signed up for the Mystic Lights KAL and realized I have a skein of Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino and so… I ordered another one and another sock blocker… (so I’ll have two…)

4. I’ve started my mother’s birthday shawl (and already managed to screw up the bead row – though not enough to go back and take it out, I’ll just repeat the screw up at the other end of the shawl and no one will know…. right….). I’m enjoying it and the yarn is a really nice colour, despite the fact that it is shedding worse than a long haired cat.

5. I’m currently a level 41 Barbarian over on KnitWars

2 thoughts on “February: chapter 1

  1. Boooo, that stinks the socks didn’t fit. What do you think the problem was, was it # of sts? needle size? The pattern does look pretty.

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