While I was working

I’ve been trying to be a good girl… really… and do work… and stuff. I have actually managed to get a little bit of work done, and even have something written which will eventually be part of a thesis.

My birthday is coming up (never sure how I feel about that, but I digress) so I have been, um, treating myself. I bought books!! The Knitter’s Book of Yarn; Knitting Lingerie Style; and Romantic Hand Knits. I like them all, but haven’t had time to do much more than look at pictures. Then, I got a last minute (and by that I mean 3 days and week into the semester already) teaching job. So I needed to get a copy of the text book – so I ordered more books… to get the free shipping of course… (keep telling yourself that) – which means I should be getting more knitting books, possibly even on my birthday.

I’ve also been opening and closing my knit picks cart, though I haven’t placed an order…yet…. I’m determined to wait to order more yarn until the Loopy Ewe and Webs orders actually get here.

I’m on the lower body of the Coachella, everything is a bit funky with mine due to the yarn I’m using, I added a whack more body shaping, we’ll see how that works out.

I’m nearly halfway through my test knitting project, but I need to do something a bit fiddly so I’m waiting on that a bit (as I need to do some research on the necessary technique).

I cast on Feb’s Thrifty Knitter’s Sock Club sock – Sydney, and um, I’m only 1 chart repeat and the ribbing on each sock away from being done … I think I’ll have to knit a different pair of socks for my Feb socks in sock a month… I’ve been working on these while listening to back eps of L&V and because I’m doing them at the same time (fyi I think the pattern way over estimates how much yarn is needed) and don’t want to leave one at a different stage than the other I’m whizzing through them much faster than I expected to.

Gratuitious baby picture- my God-daughter was baptized this weekend, she makes this face a lot…


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