V is for Victory

I have officially completed not only my list but bouns items.

Dad’s socks – the end of the list

Nick’s hat – the first ‘list is finished’ bonus (it was a hat based on Em’s Tea Cozy pattern).

I’ve already started another hat like the one for Nick, this one for me. I’ve also realized, I would have failed all my students on the last two assignments if I didn’t have my knitting (WTF! Why can’t they analize the text I gave them instead of importing all sorts of irrelevant shit!? And where the frak did he get the idea that Antony was one of the conspirators and that he was arguing to justify Caesar’s death?! – grrr- *breathes deeply and pets yarn*)

[Blogger is being stupid and won’t let me add pictures…]


2 thoughts on “V is for Victory

  1. Hooray for completion! (I only wish I was done!)

    I find it very funny that you have made a hat based on the cozy pattern — it was all I could do to keep Dru from putting to teacozy on his head…

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