Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Christmas knitting victory is in sight. I’m not sure why I keep hearing about the stressy-ness of Christmas knitting (despite last year), but I’ve loved it this year, and actually it has been less stressy because I haven’t been running all over hell’s half acre looking for things.

I ended up with:
*finishing the purple diamond shawl for my mom
*three shawls for my girlfriends
*hedera for mom
*3 pairs of mittens
* 4 Koolhaas hats
*a tea cozy
*a teddy bear
* Dr. Who scarf
* multiple face-cloths
*a pair of fetching

I have yet to finish-
*dad’s Phineas socks – I’m now doing the ribbing on each, having knit both to 4.5 diamonds and not having enough yarn for ribbing so I frogged back the .5 and cut the yarn in half, balled it back up and am now going to rib each little ball for each sock.

I’m also giving knitting gifts
* two hand-dyed skeins
* two kits (needles, yarn, pattern)

It is a very knitterly Christmas! Once everythings is done, I have a couple of lacey things for myself that I’m working on and a half dozen pairs of socks I want to make (as well as a Koolhaas for myself – I LOVE THAT PATTERN!)

For next year there are two things I really want to knit that I don’t have the yarn for: one will probably involve needing to buy 2 full bags of the bare Wool of the Andes worsted and the other is the Ivy League vest (which my plan is to knit in pallett).

I have the yarn for and will knit before ordering more yarn:
*the Cochella
*the Red Carpet Convertible top (not the dress)
*a shawl – either the Spanish Christening one or the Feather and Fan one
*I also have all but one or two balls of the calmer for a Nothin’ but a t-shirt (I need another one or two of gold as an accent colour)

Final cool thing:
I have a friend who just came back from a trip to Australia and New Zealand and she brought me back four worsted weight skeins of Merino/Possum(!) blend.

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