Ouch – my hands

Soooo – only part of a pair of socks, one pair of mittens, and part of a hat to go…

I finished 3 Koolhaas hats – in Red, Blue, and Teal-ish… to be variously distributed and am working on a 4th. At some point in the new year, I’m going to have to knit myself one – I really like them.

I finished Bertie’s mitts, but the last pair of mittens has yet to be cast on, I’m thinking of just doing the same as the other two but on much larger needles, esp. since the cart itself is actually written for adult size… we’ll see, I could just use the chart from the other pattern, but knit the same mitten pattern as I’m now very familiar with…

I also cast on a scarf/shawl for me, since I found a pattern that calls for about the yardage of my Mini-maiden. (Though my shrug hasn’t seen any action since I started it… oops.)
My hands are a bit sore, I’ve been pushing it a bit – and I did a power point presentation for a talk at school last week and my laptop mouse is really hard on my hands. So I’ll take it easy for a bit… (well, at least until tomorrow night…)

2 thoughts on “Ouch – my hands

  1. Whooeee! Better hit that ibuprofen for your sore muscles. (I figure it’s best to see it like recovering from a week of heavy training, when it gets to this point. :p) And darn straight you deserve a shawl for your self. A knitter cain’t live on gifts alone. 🙂

  2. I should really go and knit me one o’ them Koolhaas hats, I’ve done 2 projects from that holiday issue already!

    If I hadn’t already experienced the joys of knitter’s elbow, I’d totally say knit through the pain. But your hands will thank you for the rest. 😉

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