Mittens and 5 things…

I finished the mittens for my sister. They were a huge pain in the ass (well, hands actually). I had ordered yarn in appropriate shades of pink/purple of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, worsted, and wanted to knit her Norwegian style mitts (originally from the mitten shaped mitten book… title escapes me, book burried somewhere, but ultimately from the Generic Mitten Pattern). The problem was the only pattern I had was for adults, so I sized it – way down- based on some measurements, and they were WAY too small, so I frogged, changed needles sizes, and did it again, also WAY too small. So I gave up and worked an adult sized pattern on teeny-tiny needles (2.5mm). The restul is a pair of decent looking, well fitting, bullet proof mittens on which I intend to blame any future arthiritis in my hands.

I’ve started a pair for my youngest brother, these with Telemark, I’m planning to make them the same (but not inverted) and am hoping the difference in yarn weight will make up any sizing difference… (yeah, right…).

Said youngest brother with yarn for mittens.

Today my Cro-hook came! I am soo excited, I want to run right out and order me a fair isle project. But I will wait… must finish Christmas knitting and knit at least one of the tops I have the yarn for first…
As per the Hand-dyed Yarn Swap…
(5 favourite things – in no particular order)

1. naps
2. late 1960s American muscle cars
3. hanging out with friends, esp. when my bar is invovled
4. North American Football
5. good Tiramisu

(honourable mention to: bubble baths, fire, snow, rum, milk chocolate, action movies, and red lipstick)

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